Country Range’s Potato Pantry Grows with Trio of Crunch-tastic SKUs

Following the successful launch of its trio of “Double Crunch” fries earlier this year, Country Range has further augmented its plethora of potato pleasers with the unveiling of three new super spud products – Country Range Double Crunch Seasoned Wedges, Country Range Double Crunch Sweet Potato Fries and Country Range Double Crunch Shoestring Fries.

Guaranteeing that chefs from across public sector and hospitality kitchens of all sizes have an unbeatable, taste-rich fry, the new trio have a novel invisible coating that delivers the unique Country Range ‘Double Crunch’.  The three new products join the existing range of wholesale frozen chips and potatoes which are all carefully harvested and packed to preserve their freshness and taste and are perfect for helping busy kitchens provide consistency and reduce food waste.

With invincible crunch-staying power making them a great fit for kitchens offering takeaway, food-to-go or room-service, the new selection are available in 4 x 2.5kg catering boxes and are gluten-free, plus they are pre-fried in sunflower oil instead of palm oil.  

Joining the 10mm Double Crunch Skin-On Fries, 14mm Double Crunch Fries and 19mm Triple Cooked Chunky Fries that have generated legions of fans since launch in the spring, the new trio joining the Country Range portfolio includes:

Country Range Double Crunch Seasoned Wedges 

Immense for sides, sharing platters, to be pimped up or alongside classic burgers, these thick-cut, mouth-wateringly, wicked wedges are given an extra coating of batter for double the crunch and have the fluffiest inside to be found. Made with the flavoursome Fontane potatoes, they are lightly seasoned and will hold their crunch for over 20 minutes. 

Country Range Double Crunch Sweet Potato Fries 

A solution to the shockingly soggy, sweet potato fries saturating the market in recent times, these thin cut sweet potato fries have a double dose of the special invisible batter, making them the captain of crunch. Made with Beauregard thin-cut sweet potatoes, they come lightly seasoned and will hold their crunch for over 20 minutes. 

Country Range Double Crunch Shoestring Fries

Delicately seasoned, these sensational 7mm shoestring fries are made with Fontane potatoes for a consistent year-round flavour and will keep their crunch for over 40 minutes.

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Country Range Group Head of Marketing Emma Holden said:

“Potato products continue to be one of the most popular products for caterers and consumers, appearing in some shape or form on every menu whether they are chipped, mashed, boiled, fried or roasted. Fries and wedges are no longer just considered a side dish and we’re seeing a host of creative caterers turning them in to the focal point of a dish by loading them with on-trend toppings and sauces. That’s why it’s never been more important for caterers to make sure that their spuds pack a punch on the flavour front and deliver that all important crunch. The unique coating makes them ideal for food-to-go or delivery menus, and will be perfect for bar snack menus for the FIFA World Cup later in the year. Our development chef Paul Dickson has been highlighting to customers how the humble fry can be elevated to even greater heights with some creative recipes like various global inspired loaded fries ideas and Canadian Poutine.”

Get some ideas and inspiration of how you can utilise the latest Country Range products in your menu with The Country Range Recipes.

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Country Range’s Potato Pantry Grows with Trio of Crunch-tastic SKUs