Country Range Group are committed to enabling foodservice wholesalers to achieve faster, more profitable, sustainable growth and success by being part of our Group.


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Country Range Group's Mission


Championing Group Sustainability

Working in partnership with ClimateParner the Country Range Group proactively work with our members to improve our collective sustainability. Since 2019 CRG members have reduced their operational emissions by 20% and their carbon intensity by 40%, meaning our members generate 40% less emissions for every £1 of revenue generated. Find out more about our responsibility.


Supporting Our Member Wholesalers

As a leading foodservice buying group that is mutually owned by our members, we work hard to support and grow foodservice wholesalers. Leveraging our group scale we effectively combine member volume and scale achieving the best possible agreements with global brands and suppliers. Find out more about the Country Range Group wholesalers.


Adding Value With Data Driven Decisions

Country Range Group pride ourselves on adding value for our members, utilising group scale to provide services that members could not access effectively as an independent wholesaler. Especially with our comprehensive market, trend and supplier data we supply valuable insights to our members based on robust data analysis. Find out more about our services.

How The Country Range Group Benefits Our Member Wholesalers


The Country Range Group is owned by our members, with all members equal shareholders with mutual trading status. As one of the UK and Ireland's leading foodservice buying groups our mission is simple, to enable foodservice wholesalers achieve faster, more profitable growth as a result of being a member of our Group. Find out more about our services.

Group Discipline

Through our members commitment and discipline we are a unified, single entity building credibility and trust with global brands and suppliers.

Upgrading Services

We enable our members to access services they could not access effectively as an independent wholesaler.

Achieving Scale

As a Group we combine members volumes effectively to achieve group scale, enhancing our members purchasing proposition.


Raise our members’ bottom lines, supporting them as independent businesses.

Attracting Suppliers

We have long standing relationships with leading brands and suppliers from around the world, ensuring our members have access to the best possible agreements with improved terms and additional opportunities.

The Story of The Country Range Group

We are more than just a buying group, the Country Range Group is a family, all driven by the same values and mission, proud to be servicing caterers across length and breadth of the UK and Ireland for over 30 years. Discover more about the history of the Group.

Today the Group is made up of 16 foodservice wholesalers, who continue to push boundaries to offer an unrivalled portfolio and the most personal customer service. Find out more about the Country Range Group wholesalers.

Why The Country Range Group loves working with our suppliers & partners

As a group we are passionate about providing opportunities and building long-lasting relationships with the finest food and drink manufacturers, producers and suppliers across the UK and around the globe for our members.

What Makes Country Range Group a Leading Foodservice Buying Group

The numbers speak for themselves. Continuous improvement is central to everything we do as a group, so we’re always investing in our people, processes, product portfolio, technology, marketing and other vital resources.  






Industry Leading Foodservice Events

The Country Range Group are proud to hold industry-leading events throughout the year where we bring together brands, suppliers and business partners with key decision-makers across our membership. We understand that these events help build and maintain the culture of the Group, educate, inform and help attendees build valuable relationships. Find out more about our upcoming events.

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