Catering Essentials

The value foodservice brand you can trust

Introducing Catering Essentials

Catering Essentials is the latest foodservice brand to become part of the Country Range Group’s offering to caterers across the UK and Ireland. With an ever-growing product portfolio Catering Essentials provides caterers an extensive range of grocery, chilled, frozen and non-food products at great value.

A Value Range That Doesn’t Compromise On Our Values

We believe that value products shouldn’t mean we have to compromise on our values, we are passionate about delivering quality, innovation and sustainability. This is why so we have rigorous procedures in place to ensure every single product meets or exceeds the high standards we would expect.

All our suppliers are BRC (British Retail Consortium) accredited meaning we have complete traceability on our entire range.
We only supply products with quality welfare and provenance.
Ensured legal labelling to clearly show nutrition, ingredients and allergen information.
Reducing unnecessary packaging and removing all non-recyclable / non-compostable packaging.
No hard-to-recycle black plastic is used in our packaging.
No Artificial Colours.
No Genetically Modified (GM) & No Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.
We always look to reduce salt, sugar and calories without compromising on taste where possible.
No aspartame or other artificial flavour enhancers Such as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).
No Mechanically Separated Meat (MSM).
No Phosphates are used in our raw meat, bacon and gammon.
No Added Water is used in our fresh/frozen whole meats or products with appearance of fresh meat.

Professionally Developed For Foodservice

The Catering Essentials range has been specifically developed for professional caterers, providing cost-effective products in suitable pack sizes for education, hospitality and health and welfare sectors, allowing managers to balance costs without compromising on quality, helping caterers in uncertain times.

Exclusively available from Country Range Group member wholesalers

Catering Essentials is stocked exclusively by Country Range Group Members, all family owned, wholesale foodservice distributors throughout the UK and Ireland. Find out more about the Country Range Group members.