The Story of the Country Range Group

For over 30 years CRG has been one of the UK and Ireland’s most forward thinking and innovative foodservice buying groups.


More Than Just a Buying Group


Formed by three independent, family run wholesalers in 1992 the Country Range Group has stayed true to its mission for over 30 years. As true now as it was then, we are committed to enabling foodservice wholesalers to achieve faster, more profitable, sustainable growth and success by being part of our Group. We’re a forward-thinking and disciplined foodservice buying group, where all members work together to maximise scale and work closely with global brands and suppliers, all whilst remaining truly independent businesses.

Through hard work, innovation and honesty CRG has become a leading independent buying group in foodservice and will continue to be so. Core to our success is the ability to build successful and long lasting relationships with both our members and leading suppliers. Independent wholesalers know that by being a member of the Country Range Group they will be able to benefit from competitive pricing, exciting promotions, access to the Country Range brand and extensive marketing support.

Our story so far ...


The CDA was Founded

The story of the Country Range Group began back in 1992 when Colin Birchall of Birchall Catering Supplies, Mike Watson of Ilfracombe Wholesale Grocers and Chris Creed of Creed Catering Supplies formed the Catering Distributors Alliance buying group (CDA).


Countrywide Catering Group Merger

The CDA merged with the Countrywide Catering Group which also provided the Group with ownership of the Country Range own brand products.


First Offices

The team moved into their first offices and brought on board their first full time official employee.


First Conference

The Group held their first Annual exhibition and conference at Granada Studios.


CDA Becomes CRG

The Catering Distributors Alliance buying group (CDA) was rebranded introducing the name we know today - the Country Range Group (CRG).


Country Range Brand Rebrand

The Group launched the redesign of Country Range brand products with the black and silver branding that became synonymous in foodservice.


Introducing Frozen Foods

Frozen food was launched as a new category for the Group. Inline with this a new range of Country Range brand products were launched, including prawns, scampi, battered and breaded fish and vegetables.


Creating a Stir

The Groups very own trade publication, Stir it up magazine was launched. Created exclusively for Country Range Group members, Stir it up magazine is read by over 50,000 professional chefs and independent business owners a month.


Celebrate 'An Evening With CRG'

The Country Range Group held its first 'An Evening With Country Range Group' event in London.


Our New Home

The Group purchased their own offices on Altham Industrial Estate, Lancashire.


Introducing CRG Insight

The Group launched their online sales data platform, CRG Insight. The platform allows the Group, its members and suppliers to gain a deep understanding of their customer base, ensuring decisions are data driven.


Stir it up Again

Now a leading publication in foodservice providing news and inspiration for caterers across education, health and welfare, and hospitality sectors, Stir it up was relaunched with a new look!


30th Anniversary

The Group celebrated their 30th anniversary at a very special 'An Evening With Country Range Group' held in St Paul's Cathedral.


CRG Rebrand

The Country Range Group branding was relaunched as well as the launch of a new foodservice buying group website.


A New Look, the Same Trusted Quality and Value

The Country Range brand is relaunched with a new look across its award-winning product range. The exciting refresh also announced the introduction of the Group's brand-new premium tier of products, under the brand Country Range Signature.


Stir it up Turns 15!

The Groups publication, Stir it up magazine publishes its 15th anniversary issue!

What Makes Country Range Group the Leading Foodservice Buying Group

We are more than just a buying group, the Country Range Group is a family, all driven by the same values and are proud to be servicing caterers across length and breadth of the UK and Ireland. The numbers speak for themselves. You can’t buy what CRG has built over the last 30 years. We are the leading independent foodservice buying group and will continue to be so, that’s because our members fully understand the importance of working together.





Our Journey into the Future


Championing Group Sustainability

Working in partnership with ClimateParner the Country Range Group proactively work with our members to improve our collective sustainability. Since 2019 CRG members have reduced their operational emissions by 20% and their carbon intensity by 40%, meaning our members generate 40% less emissions for every £1 of revenue generated. Find out more about our responsibility.


Supporting Independent Wholesalers

As a leading foodservice buying group that is mutually owned by our members, we work hard to support and grow independent, family-run, foodservice wholesalers. Leveraging our group scale we effectively combine member volume and scale achieving the best possible agreements with global brands and suppliers. Find out more about the Country Range Group members.


Adding Value With Data Driven Decisions

Country Range Group pride ourselves on adding value for our members, utilising group scale to provide services that members could not access effectively as an independent wholesaler. Especially with our comprehensive market, trend and supplier data we supply valuable insights to our members based on robust data analysis. Find out more about our services.