Valuable Data

We are insight-led and everything we do is backed by extensive research so members can make informed decisions against the wider market.

Business success, driven by data

Backed by quality data and our years of helping local family-owned businesses, our mission is to enable food wholesalers to achieve faster, more profitable, sustainable growth and success by being part of our Group.

Market Data &
Trend Insight

We provide valuable insights for your foodservice business based on robust data analysis that can be the difference in becoming a market leader against the competition.

Our 5-step Cycle

Analyse Data

Categorise (CLOG)

Identify Opportunties

Work with members to convert


Market Opportunities

The market opportunities and niches we find for our members are exclusively theirs and tailored to their needs.

All our data is filtered down to real, valuable and actionable opportunities that most importantly, have a higher chance of converting your potential customers. We don’t only provide the data; we work with you in order to utilise it for optimum growth too. Getting great data insights is one thing, harnessing them is another.

When your business actions our industry-leading CRG Insights, we measure campaign success to better hone each campaign for success.

Staying Ahead of the curve

Along with the market data, the CRG Insights service also provides you with reports on upcoming trends so you can anticipate and make the most out of customer trends and behaviour opportunities – preparing you for success.

Delivering you leading data

Our members reap the benefits of the Country Range Group’s long-running partnership with digital consultancy TWC. A strong relationship with the UK’s leading data and digital experts for the wholesale foodservice industry platformed by a progressive digital strategy can only empower CRG members.

Having harnessed the TWC SmartView platform, we were the first independent foodservice buying group to invest in a data platform and data partner to share insights with its suppliers. This investment results in a deep understanding of the customer, as well as product performance and emerging trends. Data underpins all key processes within Country Range Group including compliance, forecasting and analysing business performance.

With data now firmly embedded in Central Office, we continuously look to adopt the latest technology to take data to the next level, with suppliers and buyers taking a data-led approach to drive joint business plans and ultimately achieve incremental sales. 

Using our Insight service, CRG members can take a forensic approach to local opportunities highlighted in the reporting.

Benefits backed by numbers

The benefits of the TWC SmartView platform. It gives us a deep understanding of our customers and ensures we make decisions based on intelligence. The TWC system is easy to use, it filters the data down and highlights key insights, making it both actionable and tailored to your business’s individual needs. With the platform, you can rely on stellar reporting, without having to dedicate huge amounts of time to it.

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Our commitment to data-led strategy

CRG Insights constantly upgrade and adapt to current customer behaviours and motivations. We recently upgraded our CRG Insight Service (2022), with the TWC platform now providing enhanced functionality and the addition of new reporting tools.

As the SmartView data platform is rolled out to members and suppliers, the system has been upgraded to unlock further features and functionality.

The upgrade gives our members and suppliers even more tools in their armoury to ensure the decisions they take are data-led and are as targeted and directed as possible. In just a few clicks you can view a complete category review, saving your marketing or business development team a significant amount of time.

We worked closely with the team at TWC to ensure that the upgraded system meets CRG members’ needs. As a business, we are committed to a development roadmap for our technology to ensure that it continues to evolve with the Country Range Group’s requirements, in line with our values of customer-focus and ambition.