Country Range Launches Potato Christmas Quartet 

Country Range’s catalogue of Christmas crackers has been further fortified with the arrival of four new potato products perfect for caterers over the busy festive period – Roasted Potatoes with Duck Fat, Potato Dauphinoise, Roasted Potatoes and Seasoned Waffle Fries.

Available immediately through the Country Range member wholesalers across the UK & Ireland, the innovative spuds guarantee caterers of all sizes can offer flavour-first, consistent and creative potato sides across the festive menu.  

The Festive Foursome

Unbeatable when it comes to taste and texture, the new lines are also great for helping caterers reduce waste and save time.

Country Range Seasoned Waffle Fries 4 x 2.5kg (Introductory price of £19.99)

A crispy lattice cut potato with a light seasoning made from a secret selection of spices. Brilliant for a wide range of sides, festive cooked breakfasts and brunches or takeaways.

Country Range Country Range Potato Dauphinoise 10 x 1kg – 10 portions per bag (Introductory price of £33.99)

A pre-portioned gratin made with sliced Fontane potato with an indulgent cream cheese sauce giving a golden crisp surface when baked. A potato centrepiece fit for any table, feast or occasion.

Country Range Country Range Roasted Potatoes 4 x 2.5kg (Introductory price of £12.99)

Fontane potatoes parboiled before being roasted to perfection. Golden and crispy on the outside with a soft fluffy centre.

Country Range Country Range Roasted Potatoes with Duck Fat 4 x 2.5kg (Introductory price of £19.99)

The pinnacle of roast potatoes, which have a roughened texture and have been cooked in duck fat for flavour, a crisp outer and a beautiful soft inside.

Just The Latest In Our Innovative New Product Development

Emma Holden, Head of Marketing at the Country Range Group, said:

“The festive season is a hugely busy and profitable period for caterers so it’s imperative that they have an array of new and exciting products on hand to provide their customers with something extra special for their Christmas celebrations. Potatoes appear in some shape or form on every Christmas menu so it’s one area which caterers of all sizes must get right. The latest additions to our Christmas catalogue give caterers consistent, versatile and great-tasting potato side dishes that their customers and guests will love while helping them to reduce waste and save time.”

With over 700 products in the range covering grocery, chilled, frozen and non-food, the Country Range name is known for the quality, consistency and affordability of its products, and is widely regarded as the best in foodservice. Find out more about the Country Range Brand.

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Country Range Launches Potato Christmas Quartet